One version of online poker that doesn’t come into the category of video poker is the ever-popular Caribbean Stud Poker. It’s a relatively new game when compared with roulette or 21, but as far as online poker goes Caribbean Stud Poker has been around from the start – visit this site.

First, the player makes an ante bet. Both player and the dealer receive 5 cards, with the player’s cards dealt face down, and the dealer holding 1 face up and the rest down. it’s up to you to decide from that one card whether or not to raise your raise, call or fold. A raise consists of doubling your ante bet.

After all of the betting is done the dealer reveals their cards. To continue at this point the dealer’s hand must meet the minimum requirement of having at least an ace and a king or better poker hand (a pair or better). If the dealer fails to have this minimum, they fold and every player is paid even money for their ante bet, and all raise bets are considered a push – learn more here.
If the dealer does qualify to play then their hand is compared to each player’s hand. Naturally, the best hand wins! Here are some basics for online casino poker, Caribbean-style:

Online Caribbean Stud Poker – Basic Playing Tips:
1. If you do not have Ace-King don’t waste your money and fold.
2. Make a call bet if you have at least any pair or higher. Also, you should call if you have at least Ace-King and one of your other cards is the same as the dealer’s up card (the card you can see).

The most important thing to remember if you’re going to play Caribbean Stud Poker is to avoid bluffing on weak hands and folding on low pairs – that’ll kill your bankroll.

Incidentally, the house edge is 5.2%, expect on the above call bets (it’s 2.6%)